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10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul

10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul: Places to eat fish dishes

Not any less fascinating is Istanbul’s culinary scene, a delicious patchwork of tastes. The city provides a delicious and diverse gastronomic trip, from tasty mezze to sizzling kebabs. But exploring Istanbul’s seafood scene is one culinary journey that shouldn’t be missed. Here is our comprehensive guide to Istanbul’s greatest seafood, fish meals, and seafood restaurants, along with our selections of the top seafood eateries with Michelin stars.

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Istanbul’s Fish & Seafood Dishes

Istanbul has a strong seafood culture that is integrated into its history and way of life. The city is situated on two continents and is bordered by the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn. Istanbul is a seafood lover’s delight because of the availability of fresh fish and other seafood that is accessible owing to the city’s unique position.

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Istanbul’s long-standing relationship with its seas is reflected in the cuisine. It will be clear to you as you make your way through the busy marketplaces of the city because of the colorful displays of freshly caught fish and seafood. The city’s fish markets and restaurant menus include a variety of regional specialties, including sea bream, mackerel, swordfish, turbot, and red mullet.

In Istanbul, eating fish is an experience that goes beyond the plate. It is a significant part of the city’s cultural landscape. The city offers a multitude of ways to enjoy its abundant seafood, whether it’s the ubiquitous fish sandwiches served on boats bobbing gently in Eminonu, the sumptuous fish mezzes of the upscale restaurants in Bebek and Arnavutkoy, or the traditional street food staple of “balık ekmek” (fish and bread).

Istanbul has a wide variety of seafood options to suit any taste, ranging from the modest hamsi (anchovy), which is used in many different dishes including pilafs, barbecues, and even desserts, to the magnificent lufer (bluefish), which is cooked to perfection. Istanbul’s seafood experience is really unique due to its emphasis on simplicity and freshness. There’s a natural reverence for the foods, and the cooking methods are meant to bring out, not cover up, their intrinsic tastes.

Our Picks of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul

Snacking on Istanbul’s fish would be a mistake if you didn’t go. Seafood restaurants in the city are gastronomic icons in and of themselves, with menus as diverse as the city itself.

Calipso Restaurant  in Kucukyali, Maltepe

The great fish restaurant Calipso Fish Restaurant is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul’s Kucukyali Coastal Road. Its partners have thirty years of expertise in seafood gastronomy. Among Istanbul’s top seafood eateries.

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The restaurant is well-known for its distinctive tastes, which include well prepared Aegean herbs, cold and hot appetizers, fish specialties, sauced seashells, and meticulously picked fish, in addition to an amazing array of wines and pastries. Following its first year of operation, Calipso Fish was also awarded “The Best 50 Restaurant Oscars” by gourmet experts and food enthusiasts.

Istanbul’s Top 10 Seafood Restaurants: Where to Get Fish Dishes

Eatery AQUA located in Besiktas

Nestled at the Four Seasons Hotel at the Bosphorus, AQUA is a sophisticated venue that has a stunning waterfront location. Situated directly on the shore, it provides breathtaking views of the busy strait and the well-known Bosphorus Bridge, evoking a romantic atmosphere that appears to blend into the surrounding seas.

AQUA is a seafood lover’s paradise, with a cuisine that includes the freshest sushi, Mediterranean staples, contemporary Asian specialties, and mouthwatering grilling options. Savor delicately spiced, fragrant food that is soaked in creamy, buttery sauces; this is evidence of their dedication to serving substantial portions of high-quality products.

Pokémate Restaurant – in Nisantasi, Sisli

This amazing Hawaiian restaurant in Istanbul, Pokémate (fresh Hawaiian Poké Bowls – Take Away Available), offers its patrons a cutting-edge sushi experience unlike anything you’ve ever had. The eatery is located in the city’s contemporary Nisantasi area, only a short walk from Taksim.

Poké is a play on the well-known traditional Hawaiian cuisine of the same name, which consists of three big sushi rolls presented open on a platter. The Pokémate Restaurant is a place where you can make your own Poké (Fresh Poke Bowls) and provides a quick, easy, and tasty method to prepare your own sushi. Along with several wonderful delicacies, the restaurant serves dynamite shrimp, wakame salad, edamame with truffles, different acai smoothie bowls, vegan desserts, and mochi ice cream. For dessert, there are vegan desserts and wakame salad.

This place guarantees that every time you come, you will have a great time because of its extensive selection of handmade items. For those who would rather not consume raw ingredients, the restaurant also serves prepared versions of the meals. They also provide gluten-free and vegan choices. On their website, you may place an online purchase as well

10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul: Places to eat fish dishesCafe Azur is located in Yenikoy, Sariyer


Nestled in Sarıyer’s picturesque Yeniköy area, Azur Restaurant is an epicurean destination that masterfully combines the greatest elements of Mediterranean, South American, and Turkish cuisine. You’ll be enthralled with the contemporary artwork on the walls and the captivating views of the Bosphorus as soon as you enter this stylish restaurant, which offers a dining experience that is both aesthetically beautiful and delicious.

But Azur Restaurant’s outstanding seafood selection is really its core. With mouthwatering appetizers like ceviche or tacos, the menu showcases the restaurant’s varied culinary philosophy. Main dishes include sizzling fish on the plancha, classic Spanish paella, and an excellent assortment of pasta.

10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Istanbul: Places to eat fish dishes

Basked in the center of the charming fishing town of Rumeli Kavağı, Balıkçı Kahraman is a seafood lover’s paradise. The founder, Kahraman Altun, welcomes customers with the promise of providing them with an unparalleled genuine seafood eating experience in Istanbul. This is reflected in the friendly ambience and pleasant design.

In keeping with the village’s fishing background, the menu features a variety of freshly caught seafood that is skillfully cooked using age-old techniques that bring out the natural tastes of each component. The fish kokoreç, a unique dish made with grilled fish offal, is a must-try and a monument to the creative spirit of Turkish cuisine. Another delight is the house speciality, expertly grilled turbot, with tastes that capture the soul of the sea. Remember to sample the dried mackerel; it’s a really tasty treat that will make you want more.

Istanbul’s Top 10 Seafood Restaurants: Where to Get Fish Dishes

Sariyer’s Kiss the Frog Seafood Brasserie, Sushi Bar

Kiss the Frog Seafood Brasserie & Sushi & Bar is a must-visit for everyone who like seafood and is searching for a great meal in Istanbul. This little bistro, which is tucked away in Sariyer’s picturesque Rumelihisari area, takes you back to the carefree 1960s with an ambiance as alluring as the cuisine it offers.

Kiss the Frog is a monument to the variety and depth of seafood cooking. Every dish on the broad menu, which features seafood from across the world and from the ocean’s depths, highlights premium, fresh fish and shellfish. When you eat at Kiss the Frog, you’re on a trip down a seafood alley that embodies the essence of the world’s seas and soaking in the distinct, nostalgic atmosphere of the 1960s.

Restaurant Koço – located in Kadikoy, Moda


Koço provides a delightful culinary exploration of the Aegean area. This venerable restaurant is well-liked by both residents and tourists for its delicious seafood dishes and warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Kıyı Restaurant

Kıyı Restaurant, situated on the edge of a picturesque harbor in Tarabya, Sariyer, invites you to go on a genuine Turkish culinary adventure that seamlessly blends with the allure of traditional seafood eating. In an ideal location, Kıyı restaurant offers breathtaking views to go along with your meal, really fulfilling the promise of an amazing dining experience.

Offering a wide variety of freshly caught fish, Kıyı guarantees the tastiest possible experience. For instance, the turbot, which is well cooked, expertly sliced at your table, and delivered in a way that brings out its inherent qualities, is a monument to the chef’s competence.

Restaurant Park Fora is located in Kurucesme, Besiktas.

Situated on Kurucesme’s picturesque beachfront, Park Fora is widely regarded as one of Istanbul’s best seafood restaurants. Serving up freshly caught seafood that has been masterfully cooked, it offers an incredible culinary experience paired with a vista to match. With the menu’s flexibility, you may have your fish grilled, meuniere, steamed, or tandoori, depending on your preference.

The restaurant’s ideal position, which offers expansive views of the serene Bosphorus and the boats idly cruising its waters, enhances the eating experience. With a menu that appeals to both the senses of taste and sight, Park Fora expertly blends fine dining with a scenic environment.

The Rumelihisari Iskele Restaurant is located in Sariyer, Rumelihisari.

At Tarabya, Sariyer, Rumelihisari Iskele, poised elegantly by the famous Bosphorus, provides more than just a meal. The cuisine here pays homage to the ocean’s riches by offering a wide array of colorful fish and seafood selections. Serve up a variety of hot mezze to kick off your feast and prime your taste buds for the plenty to come. Choose from an extensive selection of fish specialties that may be steamed, grilled, or fried to your preference. To enhance the inherent tastes and freshness of the seafood, each dish is skillfully prepared, offering a genuine culinary experience.

Savoring the best seafood is the main goal here, with none of the pretentiousness that comes with good dining. The sight of the Bosphorus adds a beautiful touch to your dinner, making for a straightforward yet unforgettable dining experience.

Best-Selling Istanbul Food Tours & Dining Experiences

These special, customized culinary excursions are highly recommended for those who are visiting Istanbul for the first time as well as those who wish to sample and appreciate its cuisine. You will undoubtedly sample and love Turkish cuisine, learn about traditional Turkish cooking, and explore the city’s culinary offerings like a native. We only recommend tried-and-true methods that have received great reviews from past visitors. Feel free to reserve a spot on any of the popular Istanbul food and wine excursions listed below.

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