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Peep into the peppy neighborhood of Bomonti Istanbul

Often tagged as the neighborhood of young entrepreneurs, Istanbul’s Bomonti has evolved as an uptown, lively town. The famous Bomonti beer gets its name from this neighborhood, which now houses Bomontiada, once Bomonti brewery. 

This neighborhood lies in Sisli, known for its skyscrapers, expensive residential housing, and nightlife. If you are in Sisli, you might as well want to explore this place. However, traveling in the evening would be best. You can experience the nightlife while sipping on your favorite beer. We would suggest the classic Bomonti beer!

How has the Bomonti neighborhood evolved?

In the past, Bomonti was more of an industrial area. In fact, it was Istanbul’s first industrial zone. The neighborhood housed many light industrial structures and textile or beer factories.

But more importantly, the Bomonti Brewery, set up during the Ottoman Empire, created a path for industrialization in the region.

Swiss brothers named Bomonti opened a beer brewery after their name in 1890. After a couple of years, they moved to a new location and set up a beer factory in 1902.

With the advent of the brewery, the neighborhood gained a lot of importance back in the time. It attracted more beer brands to set up their breweries in the region.

But not for long, as urban accessibility pushed the closures of many factories in the area. The neighborhood started losing its industrial character and was now transforming into an expensive uptown.

Following urbanization and especially the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge in the 70s, development rapidly increased in this area. It became a happening town, housing tall buildings, cafes, and clubs.

It is now a city of young people as new brands, organizations, and young people opening their entrepreneurial startups can be seen everywhere around this neighborhood.

Today, the old Bomonti Brewery in the neighborhood has lost its function and is now called Bomnitiada. The place hosts many workshops, galleries, cafes, concert halls, restaurants, and other places worth visiting.

Things to Explore in Istanbul’s Bomonti!

The wonderland of Bomontiada:

Bomonti’s old brewery has now turned into an entertainment center called Bomontiada. Here you can explore many cafes, gastronomy venues, restaurants, and concert halls. The place never sleeps, with beer glasses always full. 

The brewery was pretty huge. And after the closure, many outlets bought a space inside the brewery and opened their franchises. It hosts a number of cafes and pubs today. 

Apart from that, this entertainment center also hosts galleries and workshop venues. Prominent photographers, artists, and renowned names in the industry use this place to display their works.

If you are in Sisli or nearby, visiting Bomontiada is a must!

Popular hangout place Babylon:

To be able to relax with your friends after a long and tiring day at a place where you can wine and dine is the best. Meeting your date or just listening to music in the background while you enjoy your meal sums up a perfect evening. 

Bomonti became an even more happening place with the opening of Babylon, the musical hub of Istanbul. With a capacity to host 500 people at a time, Babylon hosts many organizations, exhibitions, concerts, live performances, and whatnot, around the year. Famous personalities, local and foreign, book Babylon to meet audiences and perform arts.

Babylon is the most popular place that people visit in Bomonti. Always packed with people and live music, Babylon is a perfect example to learn about Istanbulites.

The amazing Ara Güler Museum:

Ara Güler Photography Museum will take you on a tour of never seen Istanbul before and other parts of Turkey. Photos of buildings and scenes you cannot find anymore in the country adorn the walls of the Ara Güler Museum.

Named after the famous photographer, who died a while ago, Ara Güler Museum is a center of attraction in Bomontiada. It takes one on a nostalgic journey or surprises someone new to Istanbul with how this place looked in the past. Looking at Turkey through the lenses is exciting and incredible at the same time.

The museum is like a marvelous research work that sheds light on streets and building that once existed. These photos give a glimpse of city life, how people dressed, and a peek into their culture and overall life.

Feriköy Antique and Organic Bazaar:

Feriköy Antique and Organic Bazaar is a must-see if you are in Bomonti. It was earlier a vast parking lot before it became a selling place. This enclosed place functions as an organic bazaar on Saturdays. Farmers open their stalls to sell organic products, such as vegetables, fruits, honey, jams, and more. 

This organic produce comes from different corners of Turkey, with every item a specialty of various regions. For instance, there are many honey varieties in Turkey. The honey from Adana province would taste different from that of Kayseri province. Similarly, jams and molasses, such as grapes and dates, are famous all over Turkey, but the taste can vary.

On Sundays, antique sellers replace the greengrocers at the Feriköy Bazaar. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can wander through the stalls and find all sorts of antique items. From Jewellery to jewelry cases and kitchen tools to cutlery and decorative items, you can find all sorts of things. 

Furthermore, many stories are associated with Feriköy Antique Bazaar. Many people have claimed to have found ancient vinyl records or rings bearing rare stones worth millions of dollars. Who knows maybe you can get lucky too!

Luxury restaurants surround the Bomonti neighborhood:

The Globe, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti

The number one pick is The Globe, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti, for a luxurious stay. Hilton is a well-known brand, and their hotel here in Bomonti will not disappoint you.

Apart from serving Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, it also serves dishes from across the globe. The Globe also stands out with its service and quality. Their lamb shank is a must-try, also a signature dish of the Hilton chef.

The Populist

Another beloved venue of the people at Bomonti is The Populist. The place gives a very young feeling, with DJ performances gaining a lot of momentum among the youth.

It is a place for young couples or those who want to hang out with friends. It is best to visit especially on the weekends. If you are in a dancing mood or want to get lost in the music, The Populist will not disappoint you.

Speaking of food, you will surely not get disappointed. Fresh, sizzling, piping-hot food is served each time, and you can choose a number of beverages to go along with it. So whether you order “lahmacun,” nachos with dips, or roasted chicken and salads, you will enjoy it to the last bite.


Named after a well-established club in Washington, Kilimanjaro also offers a privileged atmosphere to its guests. Located in Bomontiada, the place has a spectacular seasonal menu offering delicacies from around the world.

The interiors will surely leave you impressed. This place gives a very unique feel, as the color of the walls to various decorative items complement each other so well. The menu is also full of a variety of salads, beef, fish food, and decadent dessert.

With its unique architecture, Kilimanjaro has a very different vibe. It is a happening place where you will feel relaxed and enjoy a wholesome meal. It’s a great place to be with friends and family to celebrate special days or just for a night out. The staff is welcoming, and the food will make you lick your fingers!


Batard has a very French feel, with alfresco seating, perfect for dining outside on a sunny day. The place was designed in a way to serve as a local pub so that people can come and have a quality time. Furthermore, you’ll see French influences throughout this place. Quite nostalgic for someone who is from France or might have visited once.

Batard is surely the place to dine and hang out in Bomonti if you crave for authentic French food with wine. It serves delicacies such as Beef bourguignon, French onion soup, Chocolate soufflés, and tarts.


In a nutshell

Bomonti in Sisli is a must-visit place to explore the ancient brewery, which now serves as an entertainment center “Bomontiada.” Apart from that, a visit to the antique market and many different venues and eateries will be worth it. 

It is also a good place for those looking to open a startup. You can make many connections in Bomonti as it buzzes with young people and investors setting up their businesses.

For those looking to explore ancient Istanbul, you can find many galleries and art spaces. You can always find an exhibition in these galleries by famous artists from around the world. It is also a good place for those looking to put up their art exhibitions. Art collectors and those interested in art visit Bomonit especially. So make the most of your time while you explore the famous Bomonti neighborhood.


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