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5 Places Shisha in Dubai

5 Places for Best Shisha in Dubai: Top Shisha Spots, Bars

In addition to its modern architecture, rich culture, and opulent lifestyle, Dubai is well-known for its long-standing shisha heritage. Dubai has many locations, from ancient Arabian courtyards to rooftop lounges with breath-taking views, for those seeking the olfactory enchantment of shisha. These are the top five locations in Dubai to breathe in the aromatic clouds of shisha.

Shisha Scene in Dubai

Dubai’s shisha scene is as colorful and diverse as the city itself. Shisha, sometimes referred to as hookah or nargile, has a long history and has grown to be an essential component of Dubai’s social and cultural landscape. The city’s affinity for shisha cuts across age and socioeconomic classes, and smoking has evolved through time to take on a very Dubai-like flavor.

Shisha’s historical roots can be found in the larger Middle East and North African regions. Traditionally, people smoked flavored tobacco, or “maassel,” in these water pipes in informal situations to promote camaraderie and languid discussion. In the present day, Dubai has elevated this age-old activity to the status of an elegant social gathering place.

Numerous shisha lounges can be found all across the city, each with a unique twist on this ancient custom. The options are endless, ranging from the busy streets of old Dubai, where classic cafes serve shisha with a dash of nostalgia, to the opulent beachside resorts and rooftop bars of new Dubai, where luxury and modernity are combined with the experience.

But the fundamentals are still the same: a laid-back vibe, the soft bubbling sound of the water in the base, and wafts of fragrant smoke filling the air. Shisha menus have grown over time, adding new tastes to the mix, from the classic apple and grape to more daring concoctions like blueberry mint and tropical punch. This demonstrates Dubai’s ability to successfully combine history and innovation with its cosmopolitan nature.

The attraction of Dubai’s shisha culture to a wide range of demographics is another intriguing aspect about it. These lounges are a popular destination for tourists who want to get a taste of local culture and for locals and expats alike who want to unwind after a long day. These places have different vibes; some have live music, some emphasize tranquil views, while some have a club vibe.

In Dubai, safety and health requirements are highly valued, and this also applies to shisha outlets. Frequent inspections guarantee that the most hygienic practices are followed, from equipment sanitization to shisha preparation.

Dubai’s shisha culture is a striking representation of the spirit of the city, a harmonious fusion of the traditional and the modern, appealing to both locals and tourists alike. It’s more than simply a smoking custom; it’s evidence of Dubai’s capacity to honor its heritage while welcoming the modern world.

A Taste of Culture

It takes more than just enjoying foreign foods and customary drinks to get a taste of another culture. It’s a deeply immersive experience that delves beyond the senses and explores the essence of a location and its populace. Each mouthful and each drink tells a tale, bringing with it centuries’ worth of customs, history, and memories.

Enjoying a dish from a foreign culture involves more than just savoring the flavors and components. The collective memory of previous generations is being felt by us. Not only are the chiles and coconut milk responsible for the fiery tang of a Thai curry, but Thailand’s tropical environment, vibrant marketplaces, and long history of trade and migration all contribute to its flavor. A French cassoulet’s robust warmth comes from more than simply the mix of pork and beans; it tells stories of the bitter winters in France, the rural countryside, and the gatherings of people around big pots of boiling food.

Food and culture are closely intertwined. Each food item and beverage has its origins in the local climate, political and social changes, religious convictions, and socioeconomic advancements. Additionally, these recipes change as they move, adjusting to local tastes and ingredient availability to create stunning fusions and brand-new customs.

However, a flavor of culture extends beyond food and beverages. It includes everything from the food preparation to the usage of customary utensils, ceremonies, singing, and storytelling. It can be found in the vibrant ambiance of an Italian family supper, the calm precision of a Japanese tea ceremony, the lively vibe of a Moroccan souk, or the rhythmic chants of an Indian kitchen as festive foods are being prepared.

You have to immerse yourself in a culture’s culinary traditions in order to fully comprehend and enjoy it. Because it is in the breaking of bread that divisions disappear, boundaries are blurred, and we unite as one world community. Mealtimes spent together become an expression of understanding, gratitude, and solidarity rather than only providing for one another’s needs. Furthermore, this shared experience of food becomes even more crucial in today’s increasingly globalized world as cultures converge and blend.

The Flavor Spectrum

There is something fascinating about the Flavor Spectrum that goes beyond simple tastes. It’s a vivid tapestry that skillfully ties together the subtle variations of flavors to evoke feelings, memories, and senses. Every taste, from the mildest to the strongest, occupies a specific location on this spectrum, and when combined, they produce the rich gastronomic environment that we love.

On one extreme of the range are the delicate, nearly ethereal flavors. These are the light hints of rose in a fragrant tea, the subtle whispers of lavender in a delicate macaron, or the subtle suggestion of vanilla in a creamy custard. These flavors beg us to stop and enjoy the moment; they don’t yell, but rather murmur, demanding our whole attention.

As one moves over the spectrum, flavors begin to get stronger. Here we have the rich umami of a well grilled mushroom, the energizing zest of a freshly plucked lemon, and the comforting sweetness of ripe strawberries. These flavors frequently serve as the foundation of our meals, lending them substance and complexity.

The flavors intensify even more as you proceed. They demand notice, take over our taste buds, and make a lasting impression. The powerful and unapologetic flavors of jalapeño peppers, dark chocolate, and blue cheese are akin to their hot kick and robust bitterness.

But there is more to the flavor spectrum than just personal preferences. It’s also about the symphony that arises from the blending of many flavors. When sweet and salty combine, as in a salted caramel confection, or when bitter and umami combine, as in a steak with coffee rub, it creates a magnificent harmony. Layers of flavour are created by these pairings, providing a multifaceted sensation that dances across the tongue.

Furthermore, memories and emotions are closely associated with flavors. Someone may be taken back to their early years spent playing in the rain by the crisp, earthy scent of soil that has been saturated by rain. Cinnamon’s warming, spicy aroma may bring back memories of joyous winter evenings. One person may be reminded of carefree summer hours spent in an orchard by the tartness of a green apple.

Smoky Beach

Located just along Dubai’s immaculate shoreline, Smoky Beach is an experience rather than just another shisha lounge. This place comes to life when the sun sets and the sky changes from gold to twilight blue. The rich perfume of shisha and laid-back beach attitudes fill the air.

The atmosphere of Smoky seaside is a lovely blend of metropolitan elegance and carefree seaside charm. Imagine yourself enjoying the beach beneath your feet while relaxing on a comfortable cabana while the nighttime is softly lit by lanterns. The soothing murmur of the waves and the entrancing beat of Arabic music in the background created the perfect atmosphere for a restful evening.

However, Smoky Beach’s wide shisha menu is what really makes it stand out. There’s a taste for every palette, ranging from classics like double apple and mint to more unique and modern blends. Furthermore, the institution takes pride in upholding the strictest hygienic and quality standards, guaranteeing a smooth and pleasurable experience with each puff.

In addition to the shisha experience, Smoky Beach provides a carefully selected buffet of mouthwatering snacks and cool drinks. Every dish and beverage, from delectable mezze platters to unique cocktails, is created to improve the whole experience.

Kargeen Caffe

Located in a quiet area of Dubai, Kargeen Caffe pays tribute to the Middle Eastern customs of camaraderie, friendliness, and of course, shisha. An ancient Omani phrase called “Kargeen” describes the timber logs used to construct traditional Arabian homes. Authenticity and tradition are ingrained in the very fabric of the cafe.

Entering Kargeen Caffe is like entering a different time period. Rich green plants, soft, ambient lighting, and elaborate Arabian décor adorn the interiors, which provide a cozy and inviting ambiance. The air is filled with the sounds of laughing, soft conversation, and traditional music, which brings to mind the old Arabian courtyards where friends and family used to congregate.

The shisha menu at Kargeen is a fascinating fusion of innovation and tradition. The cafe is a favorite with adventurers and traditionalists alike since it offers creative flavors and blends in addition to perfectly performed classics. With great care and attention to detail, every shisha is made to have rich flavors and silky smoke.

Kargeen Caffe offers a varied cuisine that honors Middle Eastern delicacies with a dash of international flare, perfect for going with the shisha. Every item, from substantial grills to rich desserts, demonstrates the restaurant’s dedication to quality and authenticity.


Nestled near the famed Dubai Creek, QD’s has a tranquil atmosphere that strikingly contrasts with the vibrant metropolis. This place guarantees a laid-back evening by the water with cozy cabanas, an extensive shisha menu, and tasty nibbles. QD’s is a paradise for shisha enthusiasts, with the tranquil sounds of flowing water and sparkling lights reflecting off the creek.


Tucked down amid the winding streets of Dubai’s cultural district, SIKKA Café is a mosaic of tastes, legends, and customs. The word “SIKKA” in Arabic means “alleyways,” which is indicative of the product’s inspiration—the old streets of Dubai.

Entering SIKKA Café is like receiving an embrace of nostalgia infused with a dash of contemporary. The bright furnishings add a modern touch, and the old photos on the walls tell stories of a Dubai from bygone times. The gentle flicker of lamps and the delicate aroma of oud beckon visitors into a realm where time appears to stand still.

The exquisite fusion of Indian, Persian, and Emirati flavors on SIKKA’s cuisine is a monument to Dubai’s rich cultural heritage and trading history. Classic dishes like Al Harees and Logaimat are available, but SIKKA is renowned for its creative takes on time-honored recipes, providing a taste experience that is both expected and surprising.


Amaseena is a living example of the Arabian Nights. Tucked away in the opulent Dubai neighborhoods, this outdoor lounge embodies Bedouin customs against a contemporary luxury setting.

Grandeur is the first thing that strikes one about Amaseena. Magnificent tents adorned with traditional Bedouin designs are scattered throughout the area, creating a striking silhouette against the starry sky. A dreamy, surreal mood is created by the soft flicker of lighting and the starry canopy overhead.

Amaseena’s menu pays homage to the Middle East’s rich culinary tradition. Each meal, whether it’s the flavorful biryanis or the tender kebabs, relates a tale of age-old recipes that have been passed down through the years. The tastes are authentically Arabian—they’re robust and real.

At Amaseena, the shisha experience is unmatched. A personal shisha sommelier helps patrons choose from a variety of flavors, making each person’s experience unique. When combined with the captivating sounds of live Arabic music, the thick, scented smoke takes one to a realm of ancient customs and stories.

Iris Dubai

Perched atop the opulent Oberoi Hotel in the center of Business Bay, İris Dubai is a shining example of modern sophistication and an unparalleled atmosphere. Visitors and locals alike seek out this popular location because of its panoramic views of the Dubai skyline from its high vantage point.

The stylish, contemporary design of İris Dubai is one of its most distinguishing qualities. Sleek furniture and cutting-edge art installations give the room a sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere. İris comes alive with bustle as the sun sets and the city lights start to dance, vibrating with the excitement of live music acts and the talk of a diverse crowd.

İris’s food options are as vibrant and varied as its atmosphere. The menu offers delicious dishes made with the finest ingredients that showcase a blend of Mediterranean flavors. Every piece of food, whether you’re enjoying a flawlessly grilled steak or a delicate ceviche, promises to be a culinary experience.

As fascinating as the food and vistas are, what really makes İris stand out is the range of drinks. Their mixologists create visually stunning and delectable mixtures thanks to their inventive flair.

Amidst a plethora of rooftop bars in the city, İris Dubai distinguishes itself not only with its mouthwatering food and breathtaking vistas but also with its dedication to providing an unmatched sensory experience.

Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge

The charm of the Arabian desert meets the opulence of Dubai at the Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge, which is perched atop the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. For those looking to get away from the bustle of the city, this lounge is a sanctuary, offering stunning 360-degree views of golden sand dunes.

Taking its cues from classic Arabian architecture, Al Sarab has a timeless appeal. Its warm interior colors, along with elaborate lamps and soft cushions, provide a cozy and welcoming ambiance. With live oud music adding to its charm, the club becomes even more spectacular as night falls and the starry desert sky fills with sparkles.

The rich culinary traditions of the area are honored in the menu of Al Sarab. Every meal, from flavorful mezze to luscious grills, is a tribute to the Middle East’s traditional recipes. The lounge offers a wide selection of beverages to go with the meal, with a focus on traditional Arabic cocktails.

The shisha is what really makes the Al Sarab experience unforgettable. With a variety of flavors available, visitors may savor the fragrant, velvety smoke while taking in the expansive view of the desert.

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