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7 Best Places Breakfast Dubai

7 Best Places for Breakfast in Dubai: Insider Advice + Brunch

With its wide range of cultures and influences, Dubai has a brunch scene that is sure to please every kind of eater. Dubai offers a place for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer the traditional Emirati breakfast of balaleet and chebab pancakes or the Western favorites of avocado toast and eggs benedict.

In the well-known Al Fahidi neighborhood, “Arabian Tea House” greets you with a typical Emirati buffet as you begin your morning. Here you may savor a delicious breakfast of luqaimat (sweet dumplings) and alsa (fermented rice), accompanied by the aromatic Emirati coffee qahwa, seasoned with cardamom. All of this is served under the cool shade of the courtyard.

In the Dubai Design District (d3), “One Life Kitchen and Café” serves organic, health-focused food if you’re feeling more like a European. They use sustainable and local foods in their menu, which includes items like artisanal toasts, smoothie bowls, and chia seed puddings.

In JBR, though, “Eggspectation” is the place to go if you’re one of those people who think breakfast isn’t complete without eggs. Be spoilt for choice with a cuisine that honors the simple egg in all its forms. With dishes like omelettes, benedicts, and their signature truffle scrambled eggs, this Canadian restaurant makes sure your morning is full and satisfying.

Today, Dubai’s brunch scene beckons if you want to make breakfast an occasion on the weekends. “Zuma” in the DIFC offers a modern take on the Japanese izakaya dining experience. Their brunch menu included dishes like fiery beef tenderloin and black fish marinated in miso, taking diners on a culinary tour of Japan. The sophisticated crowd in the city loves it for its unique cocktails and stylish, modern atmosphere.

On the other hand, “Pierchic,” which is situated on a pier off Madinat Jumeirah, is your haven if you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. Seafood dominates the brunch menu, which has unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf from its over-the-water location. An selection of grilled seafood, lobster benedicts, and fresh oysters guarantee a dinner as wonderful as the surroundings.

Breakfast & Brunch Scene in Dubai: Discovering Morning Delights

Dubai, a city revered for its opulence and grandeur, has long had a unique position on the map of world cuisines. The emirate’s breakfast and brunch selections are therefore as magnificent and varied as its skyline, which should come as no surprise. From elegant buffets at beachside resorts to charming cafes in historic districts, the city awakens to a symphony of flavors every morning, just waiting to be discovered.

The glittering buildings of the contemporary metropolis stand in stark contrast to Al Fahidi, the center of old Dubai, with its narrow lanes and traditional architecture. Nonetheless, some of the most genuine breakfast experiences may be found here. Traditional Emirati fare, such as khameer, a type of bread flavored with dates, and foul medames, a substantial bean stew, are served at local restaurants. When enjoyed with a warm pot of Arabic coffee, this breakfast will take you back in time to Dubai’s illustrious past.

For those with an international palate, exploring the more cosmopolitan areas of the city, such as Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, offers a wide variety of options. The boulevards are lined with cafes that are French, Italian, and even Australian in flavour. Imagine delicate pastries stuffed with almond paste or vibrant fruit riot smoothie bowls. Locations such as “Common Grounds” or “The Sum of Us” are frequently bustling with customers, laptops open, enjoying specialty coffees and avocado toast.

Brunch, though, is one meal that has kind of taken on an institution status in Dubai. Both locals and visitors alike prepare for this culinary spectacle every weekend. When it comes to expansive buffets, live cooking stations, and endless beverages, hotels and restaurants surpass one another. Decadence is often associated with establishments like “Saffron” at Atlantis, The Palm, or “Traiteur Brunch” at Park Hyatt. It’s an hour-long feast that includes anything from sushi to steak and everything in between, frequently accompanied by live music or DJ sets.

Brunches with a view are available at beach clubs and resorts around Dubai’s coastline for those seeking a more sedate and private experience. Picture yourself enjoying a dish of eggs benedict with the hollandaise sauce sizzling in the sunlight and the Arabian Gulf waves lapping softly on the sand. Such beautiful locations may be seen at “White Beach” at Atlantis or “Drift Beach Club” at One&Only Royal Mirage.

Breakfast – The Heartbeat of Dubai’s Culinary Culture

In a city where glittering skyscrapers reach the sky and luxury is ingrained in everything, Dubai’s food selections frequently reflect its opulence. But even with its sumptuous brunch buffets and supper spreads, breakfast is the meal that best captures the spirit of the city and serves as, in many respects, the beating heart of its food scene.

Not only is Dubai’s skyline painted in golden hues at daybreak, but the aroma of freshly baked khameer bread drifting through the small passageways of Al Fahidi adds to the city’s allure. Locals start their days in these quaint areas, where they settle into venerable cafes to enjoy aromatic gahwa (Arabic coffee) and reminisce about bygone eras. Breakfast is more than simply a meal in this place; it’s a beloved custom that has been passed down through the ages.

But when the city wakes up and the morning light dances across its contemporary neighborhoods, the food scene changes. With its urban flair, Downtown Dubai turns into a hotspot for the worldly breakfast seeker. The cuisine served in chic cafés speaks to the diverse population of the city. An English full breakfast might be served at the same table as a Turkish menemen, and an American pancake dish might be accompanied by a side of Indian poha. This blend of cultures and tastes coexisting side by side is what defines Dubai’s character.

Furthermore, the city’s love of innovation is evident in everything from its breakfast options. Gourmet restaurants are always reinventing old favorites. Imagine shakshuka with a truffle twist, beetroot lattes, or French toast laced with saffron. It’s a gourmet haven for people who are ready to indulge and try new things.

Nonetheless, the fundamentals of Emirati breakfast customs continue to exist despite the contemporary tweeks and foreign influences. Locations like as “Al Fanar” in Festival City or “Logma” in Boxpark bear witness to the timeless appeal of delicacies like sweet vermicelli dish balaleet or Emirati pancakes aysh chebaab. These restaurants appeal to both Emiratis and foreigners because they serve traditional local fare with a modern twist.

Breakfast is not merely the first meal of the day in Dubai. It is an encounter, a voyage through eras and civilizations. It preserves the city’s original character while depicting its development from a sleepy fishing community to an international city. A gourmet acai bowl with a view of the Burj Khalifa or a simple pastry filled with dates beside the creek—breakfast in Dubai is a celebration of the city’s diverse cuisine, customs, and culinary inventions. Furthermore, it continues to be the center of Dubai’s culinary universe despite the constantly changing gastronomic scene.

A Brunch Paradise

Brunch is a lovely interlude that combines breakfast and lunch in a symphonic manner. In a world where meals often dictate the pace of our days, Dubai is the place where people celebrate this phenomena the most. Famous for its vibrant souks and stunning architecture, the city is also well-known for its famed brunch culture, which turns weekends into elaborate food festivals.

Dubai’s brunch culture encompasses more than just satisfying one’s appetite; it’s a way of life that perfectly captures the spirit of decadence in the city. When midday draws near, the most prestigious locations in the city come alive with a lavish and varied food extravaganza. Imagine pastries that could compete with any Parisian bakery, cutting stations featuring meats from all over the world, and towering displays of fresh fish.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere that permeates the brunch experience in Dubai is equally as important as the copious amounts of food. Beachfront resorts offer a tranquil environment of turquoise waters and swaying palms, while rooftop venues give expansive views of the enormous city below. One place offers live jazz to calm your senses, while another could take you to a carnival with entertainers and upbeat music.

This culinary event also serves as a platform for the diverse population of the city to be highlighted. While spicy samboosas and juicy lamb ouzi are proudly Emirati staples, they’re complemented with Japanese sushi rolls, fiery Indian curries, and hand-tossed pizzas baked fresh from an Italian oven. It appears that everyone in the globe gathers at Dubai’s brunch tables.

There’s an equally impressive beverage scene at these brunches. There’s a drink for every mood and palate, from distinctive cocktails that tell tales of other locations to sparkling champagnes that lend that touch of refinement. Mixology seminars are also offered by some locations, elevating the act of drinking to a fully immersive experience.

Best Places for Breakfast & Brunch in Dubai

Arabian Tea House

Tucked away in the center of the historic Al Fahidi area, the Arabian Tea House whisks visitors back in time. The white-washed walls, rattan chairs, and traditional lanterns create the ideal atmosphere for a pleasant culinary adventure. It’s more than simply a tea lover’s dream come true, as evidenced by its vast tea collection, which is sourced from the Middle East and North Africa. Traditional Emirati morning fare like chbaab, or Emirati pancakes, and balaleet, a sweet vermicelli dish flavored with saffron, are available on the menu. Breakfast here becomes a poetic event, mirroring the stories of old Dubai, especially when paired with a pot of mint tea.

The Sum of Us

Situated amidst the modern skyscrapers of Dubai, The Sum of Us is a contemporary cafe that pays homage to artisanal crafts. With an in-house bakery and roastery, the aroma of freshly baked bread and brewing coffee greets patrons as they walk in. The breakfast menu is a blend of classic and inventive, from the comforting avocado toast to the innovative turmeric and beetroot lattes. Every dish is a testament to the café’s commitment to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Its urban chic ambiance, coupled with its gastronomic offerings, makes it a favorite among Dubai’s young and vibrant crowd.

Cocoa Room

The items of the Cocoa Room would have a flavor similar to that of decadence. Situated in the vibrant center of the city, this institution is a chocolate enthusiast’s paradise. It’s not just about chocolate, though. With items like the crispy duck benedict and the red velvet pancake stack, the morning menu is quite extensive. The furnishings add to the feeling of luxury by featuring gold highlights and dark hardwood accents, which make every meal feel like a special occasion. Cocoa Room promises a decadent and rich breakfast experience for those looking to step up their game.

Baker & Spice

With its roots in the farm-to-table movement, Baker & Spice is a culinary sanctuary for people who value fresh, organic, and sustainably sourced produce. Its setting, which overlooks the famous Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains, is just as amazing as its cuisine. Middle Eastern-inspired morning fare, such as shakshuka and za’atar croissants, is prominent on the menu. Freshly baked pastries and bread are displayed on open shelves, creating a cozy and rustic atmosphere. Every mouthful in this restaurant narrates a tale of the bountiful natural world and the skill of genuine cooking.


Steeped in the industrial region of Al Quoz, Tom&Serg is a monument to Dubai’s changing culinary scene. Founded by two coffee enthusiasts, Tom Arnel and Sergio Lopez, this restaurant in the middle of the desert city has an atmosphere reminiscent of Melbourne. The industrial-chic, open-concept layout with tall ceilings and simple furnishings exudes warmth right away. Notable for its coffee that comes from ethical sources, the breakfast buffet is as excellent. Menu items like as the ‘Acai Bowl’ and ‘Runny Eggs with Avocado’ are crowd favorites, but what really makes them stand out is their creative take on traditional dishes like ‘Shakshouka Eggs Benny’. Because of their dedication to quality and laid-back atmosphere, Tom&Serg is a must-visit.


With the Arabian Gulf’s blue waves as its backdrop and a pier location, Pierchic provides a dining experience unlike anything else in Dubai. Known as the best seafood restaurant in the city, guests are drawn in by more than simply the daily catch; they also enjoy the romantic, waterfront environment. A stroll along the wooden pier welcomes you on the route and sets the mood for a fantastic supper. Though not really a breakfast hotspot, the brunch selection is simply amazing. A seafood lover’s paradise, with everything from oysters to lobster and everything in between. A location for exceptional occasions and unforgettable moments, Pierchic boasts an elegant setting and expansive ocean views.

Traiteur Brunch at Brasserie du Park

In the bustling eating scene of Dubai, Traiteur Brunch at Brasserie du Park, tucked away along the banks of the Dubai Creek, gives a taste of French refinement. The high ceilings, golden highlights, and floor to ceiling windows that provide peaceful views of the creek create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a Parisian bistro. The brunch menu pays tribute to the culinary prowess of France. Every item, including escargots de Bourgogne and foie gras terrine, is expertly prepared. Extensive charcuterie and cheese station and a dessert area with traditional French pastries enhance the culinary experience. More than just a meal, the Traiteur Brunch is an event that captures the spirit of French dining, with live jazz creating the perfect backdrop and chefs showcasing their culinary artistry in real time.

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