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Best Restaurants in Kadikoy, Istanbul: Places to Eat Guru Tips

Best Restaurants in Kadikoy, Istanbul: Places to Eat Guru Tips

Situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadikoy is a lively neighborhood renowned for its colorful streets, bustling markets, and diversified food scene. Offering a fusion of modern foreign cuisines and traditional Turkish flavors, the region is a gourmet haven.

A well-known spot to begin exploring Kadikoy‘s food scene is Çiya Sofrası. Using only the freshest ingredients to produce a complex tapestry of flavors that tell stories of Turkey’s many regions, this restaurant has gained international recognition for its restoration of traditional Anatolian recipes.

For the tastiest “lahmacun” (a thin Turkish pizza topped with minced meat and spices) in the city, visit Borsam Taşfırın, another local favorite. For a genuine experience, pair it with ayran, a Turkish yogurt beverage.

For those who enjoy seafood, there are a lot of eateries surrounding Kadikoy’s fish market that serve mezes and freshly caught fish. Among these, Balıkçı Lokantası is particularly notable for its variety of seafood dishes that encapsulate the spirit of the Bosphorus.

International restaurants and contemporary cafes can also be found in Kadikoy. Naan Bake&Shop, for example, offers a variety of mouthwatering pastries and breads with a modern twist on classic flavors. Baylan Patisserie is a must-visit historical site from the 1920s if you’re in the mood for something sweet. “Kup Griye,” their specialty dish, is a delicious concoction of pistachios, cream, and caramel.

A range of kebabs and regional meals from southeastern Turkey are available at Ciya Kebap for people who want to experience the tastes of the East. A delightful eating experience is guaranteed by their skill in combining herbs and spices.

Coffee lovers can visit Fazıl Bey Turkish Coffee, a historic coffee house where you may enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee made the old-fashioned way, usually accompanied by a piece of Turkish pleasure.

Finally, a visit to the well-known Tarihi Kadıköy Köftecisi—a local institution famous for its delectable meatballs and piyaz (white bean salad)—would complete a trip to Kadikoy.

A Culinary Journey through Kadikoy

Nestled on Istanbul’s Asian beaches, Kadikoy is more than simply a neighborhood—it’s a culinary wonderland with a wealth of sensory experiences, with each turn serving as a tribute to Turkey’s rich culinary legacy. The aromatic scents emanating from bustling food vendors, historic bakeries, and traditional tea gardens welcome you to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other as soon as you enter this energetic area.

Start your journey at Çiya Sofrası, which is more than just a restaurant—it’s a story of traditional Anatolian cuisine. Here, food is more than just a meal; it’s a narrative, a story of places and times past, painstakingly prepared with quality ingredients and traditional methods.

You might be drawn to some of the best lahmacun the city has to offer as you wander through the busy streets by the sizzling sound of Borsam Taşfırın. Enjoy this thin, crispy Turkish pizza with a gulp of cool ayran, a traditional yogurt-based drink, garnished with spiced minced pork.

Kadikoy’s fish market celebrates the abundance of seafood that the sparkling Bosphorus has bestowed. Amid the tangle of stands, Balıkçı Lokantası stands out as a seafood lover’s paradise, offering delicacies that capture the essence of sea freshness and the coziness of Turkish hospitality.

The cuisine of Kadikoy is a flawless fusion of modernism and tradition. Traditional flavors are given a modern twist at Naan Bake&Shop, creating pastries that are both familiar and unique. The famous Baylan Patisserie, which is nearby, provides a delightful diversion with its “Kup Griye,” a palate-pleasing symphony of caramel, cream, and pistachios.

The aroma of grilled meat wafts into the air as the sun starts to set, guiding you toward Ciya Kebap. Their flawless spice blend and grilled techniques take you to the southeast of Turkey with every bite of their delicious kebabs.

Traveling through Kadikoy wouldn’t be complete without experiencing its essence, which is its creamy, smooth Turkish coffee. The coffee experience at Fazıl Bey Turkish Coffee promises to be as much about the ritual as it is about the taste, as tradition brews in cezves.

At last, when you are ready to wrap up your gastronomic exploration, Tarihi Kadıköy Köftecisi is waiting for you with its renowned meatballs and revitalizing piyaz—a fitting finale to a voyage that delves deeply into Turkish culture and transcends cuisines.

Kadikoy’s Upscale Dining Scene

The dining scene in Kadikoy, which is well-known for its lively markets and street cuisine, has changed recently. The neighborhood has embraced the world of fine dining, turning it into a destination for foodies looking for sophisticated dining experiences in Istanbul.

Leading the charge in this sophisticated dining trend is the classy Alancha, which presents classic Anatolian ingredients in a cutting-edge manner. Diners may see a dramatic demonstration of culinary expertise as chefs reinvent traditional recipes using contemporary methods and presentation styles in this open kitchen concept restaurant with its minimalist design.

Neolokal’s ‘rooted’ food philosophy has inspired numerous establishments in the neighborhood, even though it is not located in Kadikoy proper. Due to this trend, establishments such as Lokma in Kadikoy have emerged, with an emphasis on reinterpreting the fundamentals of Turkish cuisine, employing ingredients that are found locally and presenting it in an elegant setting that reflects the dish’s refinement.

Fresh seafood has always been abundant along the Kadikoy shoreline. The classic seafood dining experience has been upgraded by establishments such as Yanyalı Fehmi Lokantası. In this elegant setting overlooking the Bosphorus, guests may enjoy expertly prepared seafood meals that honor the region’s rich nautical history while incorporating modern touches.

Fine wines and well crafted tasting menus are also a part of Kadikoy’s upmarket dining experience. Restaurants such as Aheste take patrons on a carefully planned wine tour through Turkish wines, which are expertly matched with meals that highlight local and foreign flavors.

A staple of Turkish culture, desserts have not been overlooked in this upmarket makeover. Bakeries such as Beyaz Fırın provide an opulent interpretation of traditional desserts, transforming traditional favorites like baklava and kadayıf with fine ingredients and a style that complements the sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant.

Although the district’s streets will always have the allure of old-fashioned food stands and teahouses, Kadikoy’s sophisticated dining scene is proof of its capacity to change and adapt while remaining firmly anchored in its extensive culinary past. For any gourmet visitor visiting Istanbul, Kadikoy is a must-visit because of its tasteful fusion of the ancient and the new.

Best Restaurants, Places Eat & Drink in Kadikoy

Kadikoy, a busy neighborhood on the Asian side of Istanbul, is becoming known for its culinary scene and offers a great blend of modern cafes, lively bars, and traditional eateries.

To begin with, Çiya Sofrası is renowned for its traditional Anatolian cuisine. It’s a spot where traditional dishes are revived and a mosaic of tastes from across Turkey is served. The aroma of freshly baked lahmacun, a thin Turkish pizza topped with seasoned minced meat, beckons from Borsam Taşfırın nearby, which many residents claim is among the best in the city.

There are plenty of dining options near the Kadikoy fish market for those who love seafood. Among these, Balıkçı Lokantası serves a range of mezes and grilled seafood that are sure to capture the spirit of the Bosphorus.

The district has a robust coffee culture as well. Enjoy freshly made coffee in a nostalgic environment at Fazıl Bey Turkish Coffee, a historic jewel. If you prefer modern cafes, you should definitely check out Kronotrop, which is well-known for its artisanal brews and welcoming atmosphere.

The contemporary food scene in Kadikoy is also flourishing. The pastries that Naan Bake&Shop offers are a mix of flavors, combining traditional Turkish cuisines with influences from around the world. A famous place for sweet-toothed people is Baylan Patisserie, where the “Kup Griye” delicacy is a wonderful favorite.

Kadikoy’s lively nightlife comes alive as dusk falls. A favorite location, Arkaoda features a delightful garden setting, a variety of drinks, and excellent music. Though a bit of a drive from Kadikoy, craft beer fans can find inspiration from the Bosphorus Brewing Company, which has led local establishments like the Kadikoy Alehouse to offer a variety of domestic and foreign brews.

Koço Restaurant

Located in the center of Kadikoy, Koço Restaurant is a monument to Istanbul’s rich culinary history. It’s one of those places that offers a true flavor of traditional Turkish food while staying faithful to its roots in the constantly changing culinary scene.

Koço greets you with a nostalgic atmosphere from the moment you walk in. The decor takes guests back in time with its wooden finishes and antique pieces, reminding them of the old Istanbul taverns where people used to share stories over filling meals.

But what really sticks out is the food. Koço takes great satisfaction in its careful selection of recipes that have been handed down through the years. Every meal, from perfectly grilled juicy kebabs to a variety of mezes showcasing the complexity of Turkish cuisines, is a celebration of authenticity. Koço is the original home of the “raki-balik” tradition, which combines fresh seafood and anise-flavored raki. The restaurant serves a variety of the freshest catches straight from the Bosphorus.

Koço’s desserts are definitely worth trying. Classic favorites such as “sütlaç” (rice pudding) and baklava are expertly prepared to achieve the ideal ratio of texture to sweetness.

The warmth at Koço is what makes a lasting impact, even above the meal. The personnel, with their friendly smiles and in-depth knowledge of the food, enhance the eating experience, ensuring that every guest feels at home.

Situated in an area brimming with restaurants, Koço Restaurant distinguishes itself not just for its cuisine but also for its dedication to conserving a portion of Istanbul’s culinary heritage. It’s a location where taste and tradition converge, offering both locals and tourists an outstanding gastronomic experience.


Because of its proximity to the Bosphorus, Kadıköy is a seafood lover’s paradise. Rich in culture and history, the area provides a unique seafood eating experience that expertly combines the abundance of Turkish culinary customs with the freshness of the catch.

Meandering around the lively fish market of Kadıköy is an experience unto itself. The colorful shops display a wide range of marine treasures, including octopuses, mussels, and sparkling fish. The sea’s briny scent fills the air, and the bustling atmosphere is heightened by the vendors’ exuberant cries. Many residents choose their seafood here, then take it to neighboring eateries to be prepared to their liking.

Seafood Restaurant  is a notable establishment among the numerous one that line the district. Recognized for its genuine cuisine and flawless service, the eatery presents a menu that showcases the variety of aquatic creatures found in the nearby waters. Succulent prawns, delicate calamari, and grilled bluefish are just a few of the treats available to patrons.

Halil is a hidden treasure in Kadıköy’s seafood scene, where the local “mezes” are the main attraction. These tiny appetizers, which are typically consumed with “raki,” the well-known Turkish drink with an anise flavor, range from fiery seafood salads to marinated octopus and stuffed mussels, or “midye dolma.”

Many new eateries provide seafood meals with an international flavor for customers seeking a more modern edge. Fusion restaurants serve dishes that combine Mediterranean or Far Eastern flavors with the spirit of the Bosphorus to create unique and delicious dishes.

But it’s the atmosphere that really makes the seafood experience in Kadıköy memorable. The European side of Istanbul provides a gorgeous backdrop to the breathtaking views of the water that many restaurants, especially those along the coast, offer. Savoring a seafood feast in this idyllic setting as the sun sets and the seas take on a golden colour is a memory to treasure.

Cotto Gastro

Located in the center of Kadıköy, Cotto Gastro reflects the changing culinary scene in the area. Although the region has long been recognized for its extensive Ottoman culinary legacy, restaurants such as Cotto Gastro offer a welcome modernism by combining cuisines from around the world with regional ingredients to create a unique yet familiar dining experience.

When you walk into Cotto Gastro, the atmosphere says it all. The modern art pieces and soft lighting in the elegant, minimalist decor set the tone for an innovative eating experience. Diners can observe the culinary ballet as cooks create dishes with passion and accuracy thanks to the open kitchen design.

Cotto Gastro’s cuisine takes you on a voyage via world flavors. Every meal on the menu, which primarily consists of Mediterranean-inspired options, has a backstory. There’s a tasteful fusion of the ancient and the new, from the freshly caught fish dishes that honor Kadıköy’s closeness to the sea to the flawlessly cooked meats that speak to Turkish BBQ traditions.

But what really makes Cotto Gastro unique is its dedication to using fresh, locally produced products. The restaurant makes sure that every meal not only tastes amazing but also highlights the richness of the produce in the area by working with local farmers and suppliers.

Part of the Cotto Gastro experience is matching these delicious meals with the ideal wine. Every dish is paired well with a wine from their carefully chosen list, which includes options from Turkish and foreign wineries.

Cotto Gastro’s desserts are amazing. They are inspired by global favorites, yet they never forget to incorporate some authentic Turkish flavor. Desserts at this restaurant are a delightful conclusion of the chef’s philosophy, whether it is through the use of local fruits, a dash of rosewater, or a sprinkling of pistachios.

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